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I love writing with every bit of my being though I know I’m far from expert but I can’t stop because it speaks for me. I had the very clear sense that I wanted this to continue. I feel like a voice from writing is so nice, I can do whatever i wanna be, it is spontaneous and free flowing.

I don’t have a professional background for writing, I just let go of my thoughts reflecting my own truth.

Portrait of late President Elpidio Quirino in Syquia Mansion

A mansion which served as a home of the 6th President of the Philippines and his family, now a museum. He is a proud of Vigan.

Vigan, known as the ‘Door of our Past’. Their doors are open for people to see, left me amazed, wondering how extraordinary they lived their lives here before. It’s a lot of homey-ness in here, very elegant. I am very pleased. They have personal family pieces around the house that’s flattering. It reflects a very bright personality of the family.

It’s when days like these made me excited for what’s next, a lot of times i got tied up from work and breaking the routine is just okay. Good times are getting few and far between making this moments more exciting and meaningful. At some point we gonna have to draw a line and keep things calculated to balance work and play, we gonna have to relax.

Thankful I decided to join the National Tour Guide’s Federation Convention in 2012, the whole trip was just an overload of happiness though I got sick at the middle of the trip which led me to put a score in my mind over a friend whom I’d like to believe she cares for me but it didn’t happen. Still thankful for that uncomfortable moment of headache and vomiting, I still got to be mindful of everything where it also served a time of test. My vulnerability brought some guidelines for me whispering through my ears saying that in life I have to guard myself not to be taken for granted.

At times like these, it’s telling me to really know who my true friends are. I got a hint, tried hard to ignore it, she is still my friend. I know I am a good friend for her. Well, the idea of a benefit of the doubt still remains intact on my being. Everyone has different shades of color and I appreciate those, everyone is beautiful on their own. What’s not hard to do… is just shut up and understand the situation.

And in the truest sense of the world at the end of the day, no one will take care of us except ourselves. Or maybe it’s my fault, I should not expect anyone to be on my left or on my right through this journey of my life. Tried to be always armed with the list of the beautiful things that makes me happy. Overall the experience here was something worthwhile.

Vigan, Ilocos Sur was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site also a member of the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC). It is one of the few towns left in the Philippines whose old structures have mostly remained intact.

It is some 2-hour land trip from Manila to Vigan City. With this ambiance and Kalesa (the best way to go around), I can’t blink I am so amazed. It gives me the feeling of living back in time, this special feeling is simply just here, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. For me, the astonishing intricate beauty of colonial and oriental style of architecture with cobbled streets here represents a magnificent holistic view of a past.

I was obsessed with a bouquet of garlic I borrowed from a shop across just for this picture. I don’t know why I imagined a lady holding a bouquet of flowers on this perfect place, obviously my outfit did not match, but I’m still happy for the captured moments. I love the way it feels here, the ambiance always go as the brightness goes, everything is timeless.

A very charismatic man, late President Ferdinand Marcos was born here, he served the country for 20 years. I remember I’ve read his life story back in my high school years. Though I can’t remember most, all I can say is… he has the unbelievably sharp wit and eloquence so perfect for his personality.

Vigan, I would say, exhibit a certain kind of toughness, a character I call unity. They belong to each other. They are devoted to each other. Much to my amusement, the combination of their compelling history and natural beauty makes this place an extraordinary one to visit.

I am so delighted…

Thanks for reading.

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