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That Saturday morning broke not so bright.

Summer is gone but spirits are in such a high.

On this trip, i had one wild childish wish.

Yes for once, this call to forest wilderness.

I wish i could witness one thing i ever wish.

Now in a place, believed as the home of the chief of all bears.

A bear in the wild, that black bear, just one bear, please.

After somewhere around 50 plus takes, all are my favorites, regardless if the same. Just the view along the way… is nothing but fantastic.

I know this is crazy, may not be the craziest

The type of person i am who writes my thoughts and mess

For what it’s worth, I hope it makes sense of it.

I shall smile, to the trees i speak and give a kiss

It would be such a treasured gift, I am claiming it.

Fall, autumn is here… another season to cherish.

Cool weather, changing colors and falling leaves.

Beautiful to look at in its faded greenish.

Turned into this striking change, I am astonished.

Watching those bluish, reddish, violets, pinkish.

Orange, gray branches and yellowish leaves.

Every leaf flutters from autumn trees.

How wonderful Thou Divine artistic flourished.

Pumping up more on this thrill-seekers spirit.

A Tram Ride up to the mountains suspended by cables.

You can look out and see how high up you are there.

Paying attention, looking down for signs recognizable.

Along the way, looking around while being lifted on that chair.

Bear’s nose, ears and tails on the list, i think parts of each.

Or on the ground expecting those images.

On the thick autumn leaves, for my eyes within reach.

I know that woods were full of peril.

Unimaginable things could happen out there.

“Do I know how unpredictable they are?”

Yes, I know. You cannot just throw rocks and sticks.

To ward off a maybe aggressive grizzly bear.

Dreary scene, just thinking about it made me shiver.

That’s why my eyes were here, there and everywhere.

And my mind is racing farther miles a minute elsewhere.

But the trip ended up not seeing one.

I was hurt in secret, never mind.

Enjoying the moment of being under the sun.

The hardest was that long traffic jam.

Catching the right timing, lot of people come.

Though not prepared for the intensity of the crowd.

To park the car, using every bit of our might and mind.

But all worth it, that beautiful view after a not so hard climb.

A half mile walk to the top of Clingmans Dome.

Still grateful and thankful so, putting it all behind.

That landscape laid out before me, I said amazing many times.

On the way back gets longer and longer.

Same crowd going back, in traffic we got stuck.

As far as we can see, cars were lined up.

Everyone needs to pee, my bladder was about to erupt.

We’re thinking of peeing to some bushes but how?

Don’t wanna get embarrassed or get out in the dark?

Thinking of a bucket next time, i can easily grab.

In the car, do my business, feel better and get relief.

But it’s absolutely not the end all and be all.

We made it, despite… what’s important is we’re safe.

Let me state this plainly.

It doesn’t matter where you are here.

The place got impressive backdrop endlessly.

And all the twist and energy of the inner city.

Enjoyed our stay at Black Bear Inn and Suites.

I shall forever be grateful for this gift of Earth.

All roads lead home. Thy Creator, I give thanks To Thee…

Happy Halloween…

Thanks for reading.


I am forever be humbled and grateful for my experiences in life, the best and even the worst, it's teaching me even more. I believe that i have the obligation to stay healthy and let the universe take care of it.

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