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Whenever I plan to go to a place somewhere I used to ask people about it, I really do appreciate them sharing their experiences. They would end up saying, ‘You should go there sometime’. Their eyes glowed the warmest I can ever see while talking, got me inspired even more.

On this journey, to marvel myself to these multitude stories of our colonial past that encompass oppression, resistance and independence is a strange feeling, had a little hazy in my head but a very heartwarming feeling for our heroes.

Every experience was great, those places took something from my stillness of which I will carry as long as I live. I wanna learn more, I don’t wanna be like a stagnant pond that breeds malaria. It feels good to declare myself to be a creator of art in my own art of memories and experiences.

And so, a journey to Corregidor, Bataan was made real. It’s 48 kilometers west of Manila. You can find it right exactly at the entrance of Manila Bay.

Corregidor became the headquarters of the Allied forces and also the seat of the Philippine Commonwealth Government. The ambience here is so vibrant and quiet which gives you an air of peace and freedom after all, despite of the hardship of the Filipino and American soldiers from the war. There’s an energy peculiar to it. In some ways, I can’t help but say there’s nothing sadder than a place that was so innocent and untouched… once.

Speaking of war, I always reflect it with black- and white scenes just like watching war movies and documentaries. I couldn’t imagine that time when so much weapons and guns form part of their normal everyday life.

Wishing I were a little kid again, like too little to understand how the world works. Then I can’t be such a worry wart imagining situations like these. But still I admire this place, until now the fortress island stands strong with the ruins of the buildings, structures and tunnels .

With so much respect and credits to our war heroes

As I tour around this remarkable historical place, along with curiosity, the whole place seemed a grand drama. I think of wider world, so many questions. I can’t imagine what it would be like here during night time. It’s how strange history sometimes works for me.

What ignited deep inside of me was a sense of anger why people fight and kill each other which affect the innocent ordinary people causing many dreadful consequences. But history is calling for our respect, I am beyond words proud of my country.

What happened in the past changed every nation’s political alignment along with many aspects which led to economic recovery. Good things came out countlessly. Even so, there was still an odd excitement in the air here, interesting place it is. A real world feeling. A genuine admiration to those who fought for our country and humanity. It is truly a proof of our unwavering love for freedom.

Everything served it’s purpose so well.

Thankful for this wonderful trip…

Thanks for reading.

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