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Looking for a place to spend a day? Check out Burgess Falls State Park. Located in Sparta, Tennessee. The address is 4000 Burgess Falls Dr, Sparta, TN 38583. 

I would say we were lucky enough to be hitting two birds with one stone at that time. In one day, we were able to explore the wonder of two beautiful spots in Tennessee. I mean anyone can do it. The two places are not far from each other. As you may have already come across my Window Hill Natural State Park  article.

Burgess Falls was the second part of our blessed adventure day. It was a very delightful weekend break going from Nashville to Sparta. We traveled about 80 miles east of Nashville. Perfect timing for a full blossom fall season. According to records, Burgess Falls is the most visited waterfall. Well, it’s not hard to understand why. 

The park is a bit off the beaten path but a popular attraction too. It was so much fun to see the countryside along the way. Especially for a special season like this. Another good thing is, there weren’t a lot of people by the time we came. Such a lucky day it was.

Thankful to dear friends who tagged me along to this wonderful adventure.

No one can travel better than water because water makes its own path. -unknown

The park is clean and well kept. A beautiful state park with easy trails to see multiple waterfalls, with a very large waterfall at the end. This park contains 4 breathtaking waterfalls. With a very large water fall at the end. As well as fishing and picnic areas. The waterfalls are absolutely beautiful. Very impressive.

Be sure to take the trail that takes you to the top of the falls. The trails are mostly shaded. About a mile and a half. There are 71 steps to navigate before the final falls are overlooked. It is a well maintained rocky path past several waterfalls until you reach the main falls at the end. It will take you around a 20 -30 minute walk.

Uneven train with lots of roots, rocks and stairs is tiring for someone old and out of shape like me but very doable for anyone who doesn’t have mobility problems, just wear good shoes. The end of the trail at the top of the last falls is a good place for a picnic.

But they are not standard stairs and might be difficult for those with physical issues. It would be better if you use poles. The trail does have a lot of roots. Rocks and stairs may be tiring for some. There were a few spots on the trail that were narrow and had pretty steep drop-offs with no handrails.

The hike was fairly easy. Yes I mean it is not that tough. You don’t even have to have hiking boots. At least put shoes on. You don’t have to be a mountain climber to enjoy it as well. It is not actually a long way to walk to enjoy the falls.

Nice view of several waterfalls as you hike on the River Trail. Certainly, it offers many excellent views. The views at the end are worth it.

Of course for the best view there is a viewing area.

We took the River Trail to the observation deck up to the top of the last falls. It was very much worth it. It is also a good place for a picnic. I would say, this is an easy hike where there is great reward for just a little effort. 

Very nice parking area and restrooms.

The restrooms were also in good condition and pretty clean.

The beautiful reflections in the water blended so well with the autumn leaves. Looking down, I remember the words of Maya Angelu – Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.

This is so true in many aspects of our life in general. Thinking of it, I felt a lot of emotions. From the peacefulness sitting by and listening to the running water. From the very powerful sound of the waterfalls. It was awe inspiring.

Again, maybe my being a Pisces is stretching on at the moment. Aside from it being a fun walk along the river. Am telling you. If you just stop. Here, you can have as many emotions as you can. I feel like all my emotions have been exercised. It is an excellent corridor for wildlife as well.

Our mind is like a cascading waterfall unleashing the unknown – by wanderers planet

Loved this state park and highly recommended it. We had a very good run of the day.

Thanks for reading.


I am forever be humbled and grateful for my experiences in life, the best and even the worst, it's teaching me even more. I believe that i have the obligation to stay healthy and let the universe take care of it.

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