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An open letter to LOVE.

My little confession on “Love Month.” I kept this secret locked up nice and tight but thought of sharing it with you now, a writing voice on behalf of my dear friends too.

Dear Love,

At first, from a child’s point of view, I was curious about you. Not really knowing how fascinating you were. To begin with – or maybe, to end with. I hope that somehow it goes to your mailbox. It’s okay not to write back.

I knew you – love, since then from parents. Caring, providing for the family and my ever-memorized Bible verse John 3:16, God’s unconditional and everlasting love. Eventually over the years, I get to understand you more. I know you are a verb and not a noun. 

Well, I witnessed somebody get broken by you. That’s when I thought, love will break people. For happy ending stories from books, definitely, will make people too. 

One of my friends, let’s hide her name from initial 𝑱, described you as “a chemical reaction created by mankind to deceive humanity”. How so? For the reason that at one time she has burned out by you. You cause  a lot of whirlwind emotions, feelings, indescribable happenings all through. Of course, in the perfect world, you – love is a fairy tale. But in the truest sense of the world, in all honesty, you are full of flaws. You made us do the things we didn’t know we could. We get crazy and madly in love and don’t know we are. But whoever and whatever you have brought into our lives, all we need is you. Yes all we need is love. 

Looking through the window, watching homes keeping their secrets well hidden in their silence. I know, you are there. You made us fight, you made us cry, you made us do more and beyond to keep you alive. You – love will never die, there is no end. You are always there, everywhere and afterlife. You made us learn again and again. You come, go and stay. In our days on Earth, you are the medicine for the imperfections of mankind. In dealing with people on a day-to-day basis, you test our love quotient to it’s best possible way. No matter what our careers – whether as janitor and lawyer, factory worker, housewife or doctor. You always bring in your influence to balance things.

You made us question our days when the feelings you gave us did not deliver on it’s promise. Then one day we’ll discover, it’s not worth it. Some say it’s a cliche. But have to forgive you always when we’re out of strength and out of answers. Because so long as one loves, one forgives. In the end, it will all be you. One friend asked -`Is it really guaranteed for those truly looking for you?’

You have my heart melt, in the most genuine way possible. To feel you, with no special occasion required. Seems like the world is full of beauty when my heart is full of love.

Love, I acknowledge you as one of the strongest emotions on Earth. You made us believe. Sometimes you made us feel deceived by somebody saying they love us for all that we are, for all that we’ve been, all we’re yet to be. Sometimes when you’re too far, you make us miss you very dearly. You are unseen, unheard but you are felt and powerful. 

I wish you knew what and how we feel when you made us love someone who doesn’t love us back. See, know what i mean? You are sometimes more scary than merry. Have you thought about what we would feel about the tough times? How would we all go through it because we have to be patient and kind? Those unpleasant feelings because of frustrations, disappointments and unfaithfulness. Those negativities. You – that seem to be under constant storm clouds. The warning signs, red flags and incompatibilities. How to deal and overcome major trust issues that’s hard to heal? Broken promises and broken hearts. The cancelled plans and love that fade. Sometimes you seem to ask “ Are you okay?”. And we’ll say, “Why wouldn’t I be?”. Because that is what love is and what it is supposed to be?

But love – I really appreciate how compassionate you are and would be. How much you would give me your widest patience and how much you would make me grow. You made me feel  worthy, enough and valued in your presence and how much I would give love to.

Despite, you made us not afraid to love. I am grateful how cool you would make me feel having someone and people who are there with me every step of the way.  For being with us sharing our love, goals and adventures together. And for teaching us that anything is possible.

You are the art and science of truth. I have always been moved by you. I love you. Love.




I am forever be humbled and grateful for my experiences in life, the best and even the worst, it's teaching me even more. I believe that i have the obligation to stay healthy and let the universe take care of it.

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