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As travelling is one of my happy pills, I get addicted to it’s effect… the feeling of “natural highs”. It gives a lot more optimism and strength on my well-being, feeling high to being centered.

It gives me so much connection to life. Since we are not merely passive inhabitants of nature but participants in it, the inner life of nature is the same as our inner life, it helps me to grow in significant ways. Sometimes we really need to fly from our branches, to go and find what feeds our soul, trying to live in my authentic self.

I was invited by a girl friend to avail the promo round trip ticket to Busuanga, she wanted to spend her birthday in the beautiful place of Coron. After hearing, my face lit up I said yes immediately, there’s no reason to think otherwise, no doubt it’s about time for Coron. After paying the tickets, it so happened that she can’t come, I was still excited to go. I invited another girl friend, she confirmed.

Coron is one of the best places in Palawan that is truly worth going to. It is a tribally protected island, best known for it’s limestone karst landscape, beaches, wreck diving, the famous Cayangan Lake, Mount Tapyas and hotsprings.

It’s a very refreshing 45-minute ride from Busuanga Airport to Coron town proper, Such a view along the road surrounding it’s vast forest, grassland and hilly paradise on it’s own version.

Early morning at 5:30, we were ready to go for a meet-up to sunrise on the top of Mount Tapyas. A 20 minute hike up with 742 steps to top was an absolute warm up feeling overwhelmed.

There were already few locals and tourists when we reached the top, sunrise is so beautiful. It feels good, I get to appreciate life even more, this is definitely a morning high. The view is breathtaking, overlooking the Coron town, Port, islands of Coron and hundreds of houses.

Kayangan Lake, awarded as the Cleanest and Greenest Lake in the Philippines and in Asia. It is 150 steps hike up to the viewdeck and you will be welcomed by this amazing view, one of the famous overlooking views in Coron.

Another 150 steps downstairs to get to the lake. I really wanna shout ‘Carpe diem’ seize the day!… because I am in a place that’s so wonderful. So proud of my province Palawan. The water is so clear surrounded by limestone and karst landscape, these really energized me to live fully in the present. The world is so vast, it’s so hard to wrap my mind around the fact that I have only seen a very small portion of it, I wanna see more.

And the rest of the day was a load of happiness, island hopping was also superb.

It’s when sometimes, I can’t believe what I’m taking a look at, I’m in awe.

Maquinit hotspring, a saltwater hotspring surrounded by mangroves is extraordinary. The flooring is covered in pebbles, the water is really hot around 37-40 degrees. Just enjoy and take time to adjust your body to it’s temperature and you will be rewarded by it’s therapeutic effect. The feeling is unexplainable for me, a place so beautiful on it’s own right.

I feel proud at times like these when I can command a demand for quite, to be with my own true self. Looking at the pictures long enough, I get too emotional… having mixed feelings. Every picture has it’s own story. Loving my story as it evolves around changes.

I am happy.


I am forever be humbled and grateful for my experiences in life, the best and even the worst, it's teaching me even more. I believe that i have the obligation to stay healthy and let the universe take care of it.

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