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I shall never forget the day we went to Sagada. A so-called White Lady appeared on this picture, my co-worker friend showed me right after she captured. I was surprised with what i saw, but what can I possibly say? One thing i’m sure is… I didn’t feel bad, I was pleased.

Whether it’s true or not from other people’s perspective, my mind has told me every reason to believe that’s she’s there. She is pregnant, it seems like she wanted me to hear and feel her precious life on her womb. I can tell she wanted to talk and share her happiness. You can easily view her on the picture, she is positioned side view with her most prominent white gown. I was astonished and proud of this remarkable experience.

No doubt of her not showing her face, they will never. I knew, no one can get a clear picture of their appearance since in life they were each a different person. Their face will never be visible. But what my instinct was telling me is… she’s enjoying being with the crowd in that magnificent place. I got thrilled naturally, I know they are wandering spirits with no harm intent.

Even the tourguide confirmed that she is one of the friends around. My mind is blown…

It’s 435 kilometers from Manila to Sagada via Banaue, long ride and worth it. Most of the people I saw and met here has red tinted teeth, got really curious, found out their very interesting custom of chewing betel nut.

If you keep a watchful set of eyes, it seems like the town is colored red. A red spit from residents out of betel nut. I wanna live for rare moments like that, wanna sit around and watch people do what they have to do. I wanna see enough, watch more beyond the usual and write it down but we have to go and maximize the day along with the itinerary.

Chewing betel nut reminds me of our neighbor way back in my elementary days, she is an old lady constantly chewing she called nganga or bunga.

I was curious, she rolls a betel leaf, some sliced nganga or bunga (a nut of an Areca Palm), mix with a pinch of apog or slaked lime. She folded then chewed. Research says there are some benefits like it is a medicine to relieve some digestive problems as well as cardio illnesses. In a deeper view, they get a sense of well-being to where at some point they treat it as everyone’s bestfriend.

Spelunking adventure in Sumaging Cave is immensely enjoyable through the steep and slippery paths but with the assistance of the Tourguide, it became easy and safe. The whole caving activity takes 3 to 4 hours. It was impressive surrounded by countless rock formations slowly shaped by nature over thousands of years ago.

The Hanging Coffins

It is a traditional unique burial where they elevate the bodies of the dead on cliffs. Placing them higher is a way of sending them forward closer to heaven and eternity as well as bringing them closer to their ancestral spirits.

The world is really so vast and beautiful, everything is created miracles from miracles. Life goes and the list goes on, each day is a moment to appreciate even the most little things around.

Let us keep our lives alive. Cheers…

Thanks for reading.

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