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History gives us the fuller understanding of ourselves.

That restroom break in one of our group fishing trips turned out to be a greatly exceptional one. Sometimes I just hold my pee and wait to be asked if I need to use the restroom. Inside, enjoying and not enjoying that feeling of finally letting it loose.

But don’t be like me, i am not suggesting to celebrate this ability. Sometimes I enjoy the outdoors so much and don’t wanna be bothered by anything. Trying to be fully in the moment. Coming out, I was confronted by this mind-blowing scene… a collection of arrowheads, spears and other precious artifacts inside their house. 

I was not really feeling energetic enough that day. It’s not quite what i had planned but glad i went along anyway, which i have never regretted. It has been a pleasure to have us welcomed in their significantly admirable home.

Having been to some preserved sites which resemble long time history, I have a tremendous respect for any stone age culture that survived because of the ability to create tools- especially tools chipped from stone.

If you think you have a tough life now, history will tell you – we, our humanity, belong to it. Looking back, life is undoubtedly simple.

I can imagine the excitement brought on for the people who have found those beautiful arrowheads. Motivates them more as they continue their search for artifacts. I couldn’t agree enough, finding any nice stone artifact can be a fun and very exciting experience, especially for those who respect history and how our ancestors lived years ago. 

Living a genuine life for sure requires bravery. From the painstaking efforts of finding it, cleaning, enhancing, putting in frames and staging in a sacred and deserved place in today’s digital era, it is really fascinating. 

For sure, anyone who frequents the great outdoors stands a good chance of encountering surprises like these. From here and everywhere, we always stumble upon that magnetic pull of the unknown, that depth of emotion. I stepped out with my heart pounding, that was so impressive. I was the first person in and the last one out.

Be mindful about the little things.

Small things – are in reality speaks a lot, it counts the most. Same as I regret leaving my phone on silent when I can’t find it. 

Observing what I think rather than react. Just recently, I accidentally broke something, made my emotions arise. I realized what’s done is done and anger will only worsen the situation. My often-overlooked truth that made sense now.

Not to beat myself up, laugh at myself, treat myself.

Let loose and laugh. For our world right now, therapists said – try laughing for the sake of laughing and be present during the process. That easy laugh, letting loose of that carefree spirit.

Take a long bath.

The meaning of life truly comes from within. Relating from the saying attributed from the Bible – “Be in the world but not of the world”. I guess we all go through a similar process, once in a while, we want to challenge ourselves. Like finding that nice, special, different meal. Trying new food experiences, tasting new dishes and getting involved about the culture of the food.

Nashville being the melting pot, is a world of different corners to discover new flavors. From the famous Pho of Vietnam to the best Chicharon of Mexico. The world literally is present here. Exploring a variety of different foods, colors and textures and discovering your palate with flavors from all around the world. That variety is a spice of life and it’s healthy for you too.

To understand the culture is to know the dance, know the food. There’s nothing more exciting than sharing good food, making connections and experiencing new dishes with people who have the same interest in cuisine.

By far, I love the Mexican food. Flour burritos and tortillas are packed with rice, beans, meat and salsa, plus additional guacamole, sour cream and cheeses. I prefer it more spicy, I’m telling you… this is unbelievably satisfying.

The beauty of getting old is realizing what really matters in life.

Speaking of getting old, I realized it’s not just about embracing more the outdoors and the beauty of nature. But to accept that there is no reason for avoiding the truth. There’s no denying that as more birthdays are coming, it keeps adding to my number. Yep, i will never be this young or this old, this age again. In that case, nourishing my body is essential. The most basic thing we sometimes take for granted. A plain knowledge that food in its natural state is far healthier than highly processed food, including milk.

Last year, we were invited to an annual Open House of a dairy farm/processing plant in Kentucky. It was definitely a day of fun on farm/plant tours, cow milking demonstrations, bottling demonstrations, butter making class, rides for kids and free lunch.

What makes their products special? The milk comes from their very own grass-fed-only cows. Producing a non-homogenized milk, processed as little as possible, consumed in the most natural state possible. An assurance to acquire adequate nutrient absorption.

Non-homogenized milk has a naturally sweeter flavor. The whole cream has a silky texture, rich flavor and fat free. The skimming process never removes the pureness of the cream.

Plans will not always go the way i want it to

Sometimes life is all about how you handle plan b. That “if this thing goes sideways” thing. Unexpected circumstances  sometimes cancel the plan. Like weather is a fact of life and we can’t fight it. Like the rain does not stop being the rain when it stops raining. 

So, not letting my story stand still being a story. In fact, the most fun can be found in spontaneous unplanned moments. Remember those moments when you stumbled upon a place that made you cry just by being there? And still didn’t stop from there. Sometimes you arrive at a place to see one thing but end up seeing another.

Trying hard to be patient and kind in life. Building on new words to it, every single day. Good or bad, change is certain to happen. Trying, trying – i mean really trying to be ready for everyday twists and turns and to whatever comes up.

Yet like everyone, I have normal human worries but change is the nature of every story.

Acknowledging that God has other ideas about how it will all be.

Keeping the simplest but the truest

Keep reminding myself – I only want what I really need. In this age of consumerism, I try my best not to give too many cares about more stuff. Trying not to get overly attached to material things — but only to what’s necessary. Don’t get me wrong, I also love shopping, but sometimes I ended up paying more than I intended especially to things I don’t need.

Really and truly, to some things in order to manage well is by tightening our belts.

On top of that, it’s also about truly knowing those people who aren’t confused about what I mean to them…

Figure out

Have you ever thought and wished that  “one idea fits all” just like some shirts say  “one size fits all”? 

Well, knowing that everything we think and do will not always be on point. Figuring out which, how, when, where? For that, sometimes I have to step back… way back to see the bigger picture. 

In the same manner as figuring out why certain books became hits than others. How Stephen King thinks about his novels and writings.

Sometimes i have the motivation to do something but it’s not enough. Reaching out to older people who are fielded with life experiences is the key to give it a complete go. Making sure their words didn’t fall on deaf ears. Taking it all in. Taking notes on their ‘been there, done that” testimonials.

Why you don’t need permission to grow in life?

We are only in competition with our best self. If you could be doing more with the same or different things, that’s all that matters. Your reality, your goals.

Talents and skills are like any other living thing – they can’t grow in the dark.

Shine in your own light

Your name is beautiful to your parents and the minute they wrote it in your birth registry, it was yours. You are someone special in someone else’s story.

Unleash the artist in you. Let us not be scared to shine in our own light. Obviously, I am not the  kind of traveler that can pack her whole life into one or two suitcases. I cannot just decide to go in an instant. So, I am able to write more. I know that writing doesn’t make the world how I want it to be. I was determined nevertheless. I regard it as an extension of home. As life is not one-dimensional though.

Take time to be still

I am a big believer in human connections. But taking time to be alone doesn’t mean that you’re lonely. Call it weird or even crazy, honestly sometimes I am doing something but my mind runs in another direction altogether. Going through many thoughts. Some serious thoughts which need time to process, to ease my mind.

Have you ever wished for the moment when you seem to suspend yourself in the air for quite a while then get the most feel of it? Sometimes I do.

Never underestimate the power of smile 

Smile is the boldest statement you can make without saying a word.

Try throwing even the corniest jokes you got like “Where do fish sleep?…hmmmp in the riverbed.” With a mask, I try to smile with my eyes, lift my hands and lower my head in greetings. Owning the best possible truth and even bigger smile. It’s a no-lose formula.

Have fun

Even if some things are to be taken seriously, try to inject some fun and humor into it. Same as a Tour Guide making jokes out of those history lines at the destination.

 Airlines are really serious about safety instructions. Some make a great job of turning it into something fun. Because of that, passengers get more lively and pay attention.

I know that at least once, if not several times, someone I knew stopped for a few seconds in the middle of the day, stared for nothing thinking of me wondering what became of me. And contemplated on texting me out of the blue. Then it goes saying the words that I needed to hear. 

For me, it’s magical. It happens to me a lot of times too. I think of you all too, loving you all from afar.

All of that leads to a final point – life is a reflection of the roads we allow ourselves to see. 

Thanks for reading.


I am forever be humbled and grateful for my experiences in life, the best and even the worst, it's teaching me even more. I believe that i have the obligation to stay healthy and let the universe take care of it.

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  1. It’s nice reading your journey! My husband and I love traveling too. Hopefully, everything will be back to normal so we can get back to exploring the world. Kudos!

  2. I love this point you made: “The meaning of life truly comes from within.” I totally agree. I think meaning in life is very personal, it’s just a matter of figuring out what meaning means for you. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  3. I couldn’t agree more about embracing a “Plan B”. Oftentimes, things don’t necessarily go as well planned however, this has often led to some of my most memorable adventures!

  4. Really enjoyed reading these reflections! They are very relatable! Reading “we are only in competition with our best self.” really hit different when I read it, and it’s a great reminder

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