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Over time I have learned how to break free and find a place that made sense to escape from city life. My way of saving me from myself, my own breather just what my spirit needed.

Plus the sense of curiosity of always wanting to go somewhere to learn about life elsewhere.

Port Barton is one of the places in my hometown Palawan where I am so attached. I have a special feeling here, unexplainable. Heaven knows what it made of me, to include a great sense of peace and beyond… or a sense of newness to put it into words.

My fav seat here

Whenever routine dominated my everyday life, I always viewed this sight from afar… and I kept coming back.

This place taught me to slow things down a bit and be my own person. To reflect on the life I am given and how I live my life on earth. I learned to do things on instinct, even if sometimes I scramble it’s okay… at least I tried. Not denying myself of taking the responsibility afterwards whatever it takes, in God’s grace. That’s when it is molding me in a unique shape I call my own.

Port Barton’s laid back atmosphere is all I wish for. I am all for it’s presence, feeding my soul with it’s solitude through my own constant process of discovery. Sometimes it makes my weirdness less, balancing my insanity it may be.

It is such a gorgeous perspective here and with this perspective, there’s no limits to where it can go, to where it can reach. That’s why, I’m always excited as to where my imagination will take me. That imagination makes me happy, satisfied and alive but sometimes it scares me. I really love this introvertism in me here, it’s taking me to my sense of well-being more deeply.

Port Barton is really special…

Thanks for reading.

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