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Every story has a first and last part. The last part is easy. You just end it when you think you have already conveyed the major part of your message. The first part is hard. Then how to let it flow. From choosing a title, as the first act of creating.

I appreciate you as a reader. I think of you having the right to expect a certain amount of, at least, knowledge from my writing. Context is necessary. And I am making an effort on it. In any way I can. I am taking courage just a little bit enough everyday. Does not mean I am better than anyone else. Because if I hide the truth from my writing. Then courage will only be a word.

Everybody has a certain ability. We all have this thing. That’s what drives us. I just write the only way I know how. And the only story that I know well enough is my story. A lot of trials and errors. Failed attempts. But trying not to take it very seriously. Making sure I am having fun. Learning to laugh through the experience of making and creating. 

Well, let’s start it this way. What do you remember from your childhood? Almost everyone remembers some bits and pieces, right? If not more. Perhaps we have some positive memories.

For me. I know a little of my father’s ancestral roots. And what’s the connection??? Never mind. And one more thing – I needed to be an adult very early.

Today, standing in the venue of the Tennessee State Fair in Wilson County. I would say, it is a touchstone of history. 

As my hair gently waves and some baby hair spiking up. My precious hat is always here for a rescue. In protection of UV rays too. Rushing to stand in the picture at Tennessee’s 3 stars symbol. It was just thrilling to me naturally.

░F░i░d░d░l░e░r░’░s░ ░G░r░o░v░e░ ░W░i░l░s░o░n░ ░C░o░u░n░t░y░’░s░ ░H░i░s░t░o░r░i░c░a░l░ ░V░i░l░l░a░g░e░

I like the feel of being in a village. To be in that kind of relationship and values that do connect and bind people together. Where you can find peace. Unity. Strength. Inspiration. And most importantly the natural and beautiful life. There is the  plain-ness of what is and the beauty of what could be. I see people who are more wholesome. I believe that the soul of each place lives in its villages.

A village. A country vibe. It filled me with memories, especially in my childhood. Here I can see what’s beyond in me. I get more in touch with my feelings. Like seeing a horizon beyond what imagination could see. Where we learned the value of being alone while never feeling lonely.

░B░r░o░o░m░ ░F░a░c░t░o░r░y░

This hobby, this calling that he has dedicated his life to – in a very real timeline – making brooms.

What struck me was, he was so willing to teach, show and describe the process. In a  more realistic detail.

Those running and inserting the needle with a string through the broom. I love it. The whole process was smooth and rewarding. He’s been doing it long enough to master it perfectly

░W░o░o░l░e░n░ ░M░i░l░l░s░

For me, it is one of the models of rural sophistication. It has a certain creative charm in it. As I am the person who is always ready for a simpler, sunnier life. This is very appealing. For me, this is another symbol of what the world once was.


My father used to own a furniture shop when I was growing up. He was a carpenter. Passed away when I was in high school. Almost everyday, The sounds of the sawmill. The cutting logs. Was a plain environment for me. The smells of wood and sawdust are very familiar.

Discovering the texture of the materials. With the rolling iron throws some glittering fire. A machine with which the logs can be sawed to the best advantage. Then, comes the perfectly sawed lumber. Clearing and saving in sawdust turned into play for us. Became our playground.

The timeless smell of wood is what draws me back.

░W░o░o░d░t░u░r░n░i░n░g░ ░D░e░m░o░n░s░t░r░a░t░i░o░n░

From an early age, I started to understand. That in terms of working on wood. Regardless of the project, the techniques used, the tools. It’s the material that is important. A kind of wood for every purpose. For furniture, houses, objects etc.

It is also about having the relationship with the material through process. It’s like watching our neighbor making kites using the simplest of tools. Which got me more interested in creating an experience and exploring the community and local farmers. Through this, from an early age. I would say I am always ready for a simpler, sunnier life.

Their creativity range is so impressive. I wish to see them continue. As well as to build and broaden the future generation of craftspeople. I commend them very highly. It takes a lot of focus on these creative energies.

░C░o░r░n░ ░m░i░l░l░

As we were approaching. The sound of the water rushing through into the turbine. Traveling into the mill wheel. Passing through the pond was ever present in the background. Seeing the grinding wheel to grind the grill. Big and loud. These are some remarkable moments.

Watching and learning the process. Seeing the grain entering the chutes. How magical it is to see the whole grains turned into a fine soft flour.

Meanwhile, as we were experiencing some of the pleasures and curiosities of village life. A lot of more came in. They made fresh cornbread which they shared and we savored. Satisfyingly fresh and delicious.

This heritage and joy of fresh whole grains and cooking is remarkable.

░H░e░r░i░t░a░g░e░ ░B░a░r░n░

Rustic. Time tested. Timeless. Built using the tools from an earlier time.

Reality in Miniature.
When some people enjoy creating the smaller version of big things, and it’s something everyone seems to enjoy.

Upon learning that Governor Lee is committed to making Tennessee’s State Fair the best in the country. Making strong investments to ensure it remains a world-class experience. So families across the state can enjoy our agricultural heritage and learn about the important role it plays in Tennessee’s success. I can say it truly is.

With their tanned athletic military frame.

░I░m░p░r░e░s░s░i░v░e░ ░E░x░h░i░b░i░t░s░

░L░i░v░e░s░t░o░c░k░ ░B░a░r░n░

As I grew older, I learned that one of the best classroom smells is the barn. This is a smell of happiness for a lot of people.


Looking around and watching. We saw people stepping right up. Buckle up and hang on. Hey, you need to be ready and hang on to every twist and turns. Be terrified and delighted at the same time. They got Amazing thrill rides. I mean be ready to experience the electrifying amusement park.

The whole family would surely enjoy the action packed park. For some reason, all the motion around made us a little bit dizzy. It was hot that day too.

Huge and spacious parking area in front of James E. Ward Agricultural Center.

It’s nice to see so many creative craft people and so many visitors to support them. The grounds were clean and people were friendly. 

As I am the person who always seems to know what’s behind the gate. I can say that Tennessee truly has this creative spirit. Overall, it is a guarantee that you can be here in a lifetime and never be bored.

Just like home it’s a great place to be from. Living here I continue to see life in a much different light.

For more details, please check this video.

Thanks for reading.


I am forever be humbled and grateful for my experiences in life, the best and even the worst, it's teaching me even more. I believe that i have the obligation to stay healthy and let the universe take care of it.

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