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There are three things I know for sure about DC.

The District Wharf is intriguing and new.

The lobster bisque from the fish market is deli–cious.

The harbor is peaceful at its finest.

This time it only took one single look, through our day 1 ever-fresh eyes, to say what I just saw is clean and pleasingly stylish. Putting it all together, though we only stayed for 2 days, limited time to see the famous landmarks nearby, I must say it’s been incredible. 

Our main purpose of going to DC is for my passport renewal, to see the place is a given fact. I wanna say, the Philippine Embassy experience was superb. Employees are very friendly and helpful, the process was very fast, very prompt service.

Soon after that, it was cool exploring the downtown a few minutes on foot. The place is elegant. Had the chance to see our friend Mike, his son and wife. Appreciate them, hospitality is truly an effort to show up, make us feel comfortable and welcomed.

The District Wharf

The Wharf is away from the hustle of downtown DC. This is a great place to walk around. Boats and yachts are in front along the Potomac River. It is called The District Wharf in Southwest Washington DC, a waterfront destination. 

One of the stalls of local retailers named Kaliwa, serving Southeast Asian cuisine looks appealing but still closed on account of covid.

The Fish Market

It is an open-air seafood market officially called Maine Avenue Fish Market, it is the nation’s oldest operating fish market, since 1805. 

So, be prepared for that seafood smell, no problem with me, for the love of seafood I wanna use my sense of smell more. 

Upon reaching the Fish Market. At first, we were kinda lost on how to order and where to eat.

It’s like a blind item, made me wonder, do blind items supposed to be blind like this? There are no tables and chairs around to dine in. Or maybe they have we just didn’t see. Then, I assumed this place caters more for the locals than visitors. Why, how about the visitors wanting to dive into that seafood diet for their stay? But there’s something downright thrilling about trying to figure puzzles out within your means, you meet great people.

We were starving but we didn’t just wanna jump and go to that fast food-last-option decision. We wanted something different, if not like a signature dish but something unexpected, unusual and hopefully exceptional.

The first person we saw turned out to be the perfect person to ask. He told us with so much excitement how he would like us to taste and try those soups that were just within reach, to grab and go. That’s perfectly fine with me.

The Clam Chowder and Lobster Bisque

While taking the picture, I’m dying to taste it. He is handing over the clam chowder, next – I am all for lobster bisque.

What more can you ask for a good soup, the pigeons as our good company? These are wonders to the spirits.

Their Clam Chowder and lobster bisque were excellent. I personally love the lobster bisque. It is the real thing. I would say it’s the best comfort food for any seafood lover. You can really tell and taste that it is made with all-natural ingredients, rich and savory. There’s really nothing like a bowl of clam chowder and lobster bisque on a cold day. It certainly fueled our day, gave a big warmth to our visit. 

As I learned, it’s one of the most iconic American foods. We ate at the open wooden stand, bench area in front of Potomac River. Stuffing ourselves more with the natural sounds around, sights, smells, tastes, and landscapes.

While it is true that Winter is the time for good comfort food and warmth, a talk beside the fire, a time for home, it’s also a time for this kind of warmth outside. I wish to return here for every waking hour to check reality against memory, that impression and experience is so powerful. That kind of truth is laying easy in my mind as we go along.

So, in summary if you are looking for raw, boiled or fried seafood, this is the place, this is the real deal.

The Lovely Pigeons

Above all, the presence of pigeons around is our welcoming banner. Truly a joy to hear their feathers flock, fly in formation and talk on their own rhythms. There were just a very few people at that time. All good though, the place was ours to share those lovely pigeons with. Under the freezing cold weather, regardless, just letting ourselves cut loose a little bit and at the same time reflect.

 It got me thinking, pigeons got wings, but they walk a lot.

Anyone who doesn’t like animals is what…? I am sure, all of us got pets or love to have a pet. Who doesn’t enjoy making the connection to animals? Nobody. The connection that doesn’t really need wi-fi, it is a better connection. It gives you the understanding, slowly, that clear idea of the sources of meaning in life.

Especially nowadays, we are at a point on our planet when every soul understands the precious existence of life. When our fears of death were heightened in times of this covid, we tend to realize what it meant to be alive. It is the beautiful, little moments in life that give us hope for the future. Sure thing, i know everyone learned to remain focused on what matters most. 

Pigeons are timeless and they are my spirit animal. Remembering the chapter of my childhood life with them, our neighbor back then got pigeons and they built pigeon houses every year. That fascination and connection whenever I see these creatures.

Kept me close and alive until now with that inner child of mine. When you talk to them you know that they listen when sometimes. Family or friends. Fail to hear our doubts and worries. But you know they can hear even the slightest clue of discomfort. 

Pigeons have a “homing instinct” that helps them find their way home from hundreds of miles away. They are the messengers for the US Army during the World Wars, yep i’m sure you remember that classroom lesson on how the forms of communication has evolved.

The ice cream aficionado

He is the most enthusiastic ice cream aficionado, no matter what. Good things come in eating ice cream on cold days though. One, there’s no line in the store. Two, you can take your ice cream outside without worrying about melting. 

Next thing you know, we tried to hang on, till it seemed as though we could not wait a minute. What else is next when you’re full and sleepy?

Canopy by Hilton is absolutely gorgeous. It got an amazing location and views, just right in front of the wharf. The room is very modern and clean, friendly staff.

To my loyal  readers, please know that not only do I write for myself to share, to find the deeper meaning, the deeper satisfaction, I also always write with you in my mind.

Let us all get hungry for learning.

Let us keep on learning through moment to moment… keep adding up to the meaning of you now. Try to find the deeper meaning, the deeper satisfaction.

A bronze Statue of a Maine Lobsterman on Maine Avenue in Southwest on Potomac waterfront.

That being said, it triggered my craving again for this kind of Washingtonian vibe. For another story to share. Hoping to come back. Anyone’s commitment to travel though has no finish line.

Every chance I get I am sure an adventurous bunch. I am more grateful than proud. But I don’t wanna race it. No pressure, no rush. I want it to be slow and steady. Not just because i am middle aged or beyond. Something else begins to change. Our energy level slowly drops. But because I want to live on it more. Value more. Absorb more.

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Have a happy holidays.

Thanks for reading…


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