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One moment stands out in my mind asking how and why i missed out something big in the past years. I heard and watched Zumba oftentimes knowing it’s existence worldwide is over 19 years now, I wish I did it long ago though I also joined in some of the dance activities before. Having been invited several times by my friends back in my hometown. I don’t know why I just put it off bringing the excuse of having no time.

Lately, friends introduced me to this and with the full support of hubby, well… them saying it made it so. He and almost everyone I knew here is a member of YMCA. So thankful for their support. Then I believe it’s the right time now. Never too late for everything though, I am grateful, I will regret less. I should be more stronger and wiser than my excuse.

The present is a gift and the future is my motivation. Truth be told, when you do what interests you, interesting things will do. There is no middle ground, it’s like you are either drawing closer to God or you are moving away. It’s either you do your best or not doing it at all.

Zumba is awesome, it combines fast and slow rhythms and the least I can say, it’s a total workout incorporating all aspects of fitness.

It gives me this special feeling of strength, doing this appeared to be something of not really working out at all. It will get you caught up in the playful groove of the music and body moves. It’s a silent version of being in the presence of any body of water letting myself be attuned to it’s sounds and waves as my mind goes with the flow of the future, a higher deeper inner sense of that energy while being in sync with the beat of the music.

Before long, an hour passed I was sweating generously mixed with a kicking dose of positive energy each time, a kind of enthusiasm that’s so contagious.

Yes, it is a fitness programme and is also called an exercise in disguise, you are getting some exercise integrating with the dance moves. YMCA offers classes for every fitness level and interest. I oftentimes walked to the treadmill to get some warm up to getting ready for zumba.

Hard but true, I can’t wish for a good body, I should work for it. Yep everything has to be worked out.

The environment is welcoming and supportive. Zumba is for everybody, it doesn’t need a special talent in dancing and it’s tricky.

Apparently… talent is absolutely in this place. I am astounded. The first time, I found it very difficult to follow along, they moved so quick. I tried hard to keep up although the instructor is guiding everyone with the movements by hand signals and hand claps. But still I am oftentimes incoordinated of moving to wherever sides which made me behind between the beat. While the others transitioned to the next step I continued to the same step and felt embarrassed. That first time, I avoided looking at myself in the mirror. At a glance i looked funny and stupid with my lagged moves and steps. And I don’t wanna be watched.

Over time I found that I am not the only one having a hard time, I saw some are also trying to execute the right movements. Yes, it’s a mind and body workout. I had some little troubles in my body coordination but I decided to stay curious, stay excited, stay driven and stay motivated.

I learned not to welcome the worries of not being able to get all of the steps on that day 1. I wonder if one does. I know progress comes with that difficulty. It’s like starting a job you have to prove yourself at lower levels and get promoted. It’s a me versus me. I know I have to be patient with myself. After a while my body just sort of work for itself same as nature has always a way of balancing itself.

It can never be any easier but it’s an enjoyable hobby. I maybe a little better now but of course it went and will consume hours and days of physical exertion. It’s a work in progress same as life that’s gonna be a work in progress until I die. It’s a great experience, I am enjoying and learning as I go. The most exciting part is being with the people together to dance and sweat.

It’s super fun.

Thanks for reading.

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