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For today’s generation, with quick access to the internet, it’s about growing up in the digital age. Watching, recording and sharing videos were as easy at a click of a button. The richness of expression has come on its peak, to which made us seize opportunities.

Blogging and vlogging is definitely a trend nowadays. Keep increasing it’s popularity. It’s a form of creative freedom. A tool for people and brands with something to express. Mainly it’s about creating content, a compelling and original content aiming to connect and engage to some and hopefully strong audience. No matter what type is, all share content. Content such as writing, images or music. Featuring anything on videos from cooking, giving beauty styles and tips to eating dinner, unboxing and giving reviews for products. By creating and maintaining a blog or vlog, you can gain a valuable skill from it. It’s all about expressing and developing our creativity.

 Vloggers are obviously fast increasing. Blogging is also at its peak. The written words with videos and photographs became powerful. For that…

Here are the Top 5 essential gadget accessories for you;

  1. 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone 

It is a 3-axis handheld gimbal stabilizer. With roll axis, pan axis, tilt axis. It is controllable to ensure fluid and steady footage and deliver different photographic effects. It is perfect for mobile filmmaking, travel videography, vlogging and family gathering.

The gimbal creates a very smooth shot that could be great for your videos.

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  1. Video Rig for Smartphone

To use your smartphone better and get the most of it, you need this video rig. The spring loaded clamp on it is solidly built and your phone is going to stay in it, adjustable at the back. There are three cord shoe mounts on the top that you can mount your microphone and light. 

Well made, with a directional microphone and a LED light mounted on an Amazon Basics tripod. Solid set up, very useful. Once you’re set up, you’re good to go. It’s easy to get your smartphone in and out of the rig.

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  1. Video Rig for Iphone

Also perfect for anyone who loves travelling as well as working more on their creativity. Holds perfectly, keeping the phone thoroughly in place and the wide lens does not capture the brace at all. The movement is flawless and makes for some awesome camera shots. 

Great for the price. It has an auto stabilizing feature, no need to manually adjust it. Great if you’re conducting an interview or if you do vlogs on your own. This is also a must own product. 

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  1. 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro B Action Camera Handheld Gimbal 

Shooting videos with a camera in hand is bound to some movement, a gimbal stabilizer gives you the ability to move smoothly and turn around. 

This 3 axis Gimbal is a good entry level stabilizer. It works great and has a smooth movement. There are three types of shooting modes which come in handy depending on your shot.

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  1. Ring light

Perfect for doing live videos. The stand, the ring light, and the phone holder are all adjustable so you can change the height/lighting and the angle of your phone to your liking. The ring light is bright, it’s able to brightly light all areas, especially in a group. Easy to set up and relocate. 

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Stay safe everyone.


I am forever be humbled and grateful for my experiences in life, the best and even the worst, it's teaching me even more. I believe that i have the obligation to stay healthy and let the universe take care of it.

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