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Now in the mood of killing procrastination, reminding myself of the “get it done” list, waiting for me in a while. My pleasure to share our Florida trip last 3rd week of June.

And so we arrived in Florida after a jam-packed flight of passengers from the airport. Two connecting flights (Nashville TN to North Carolina, North Carolina to Fort Lauderdale Airport). Boarding an Uber to the hotel, getting ready for whatever lay ahead. Excited to see how our cards play out here for four days. Along the way, dangggg… I have never seen as many Ferrari cars in my life as I have seen here. It’s either of the two… they love racing or luxury cars. Maybe both, that’s amazing.

Pompano Beach

We headed straight to the hotel located in front of Pompano Beach. The name Pompano was derived from the Florida Pompano, a fish found off the Atlantic coast.

Lo and behold… sunshine here is legendary but there is so much more in Florida than just it’s sunshine. It is a big place and has such a fun vibe. We were oozing positivity every morning as both love the outdoors and spur-of-the-moment trips. For every spur of the moment trip, you never know what you’re looking for “ but you know it when you see it” and of course, knowing which stories need to be highlighted a bit. Some need to be lost completely.

Okay hands down, let me get this straight. The whole point of being in Florida is… having that chance, a chance that is so special. Florida, nicknamed as a “ Sunshine State” reminds me so much of home. It has tropical and subtropical areas. There are a lot of common plants and trees here that are at home.

That Tropical Feeling

I mean, if it’s only me, I just wanna calm down and sit underneath these coconut trees as long as I can at the same time keeping my eyes peeled with this beautiful place. Really and truly, home is not just a place, it’s a feeling. A feeling of ties that forever bound me to a place like this.

Surely, you can’t bypass that pristine sand beach. I always miss getting the skin color that blends well in the ocean. Or that “sunburn, i don’t care” moments back then.


Looking at the balcony, a lot of these gorgeous grand structures and buildings, some are like fortresses… were merely called “buildings” for some time. I know these buildings have already accepted the truth that they have been left unoccupied, unused for some time because of the pandemic. Also accepted the truth that the world will fall back together, in a brighter way. I know all of us still believe in the sun even if sometimes it is not shining.

 Sinks into the view of the fascinating fancies of life I once knew from tv screens and magazines. Some sights you can whistle for appreciation and snap a picture.

Aruba Beach Cafe

It’s versatility is earning it’s respect. Recommended by a friend. That first time, we knew that this was the place to be. A place and food that we would love to return again and again for our whole stay.

Our first-time experience in Aruba was very good, it is beachfront. I loved that sesame crusted salmon with vegetables and mashed potato. It’s cooked to perfection, simple and moist.

They had a really good acoustic guitarist/singer in the main dining room. It reminds me of El nido in Palawan where you can see diverse travelers. Always love to see the uniqueness in everybody. The tables have large plexiglass sheets between them. We definitely enjoyed our time and returned more often during our stay as well as enjoying the beautiful beach view at our leisure.

Fort Lauderdale beach runs the length of North Atlantic Boulevard featuring towering resorts, great dining venues with palm trees along the edge. It offers a laid-back tropical tranquility, a welcoming atmosphere and artistic vibe.

Anglin’s Pier is a popular fishing spot for the locals and tourists. So, while we’re out and about, we walked around and to the Pier.

A group of young guys were fishing off from the Pier. They caught a big fish, approximately 22 inches long, and released it after 2 minutes. That was epic. Being young and energetic, you can’t really put a price on it.

For me, that was pure luck, that catch would have been a nice time for a  grilling celebration. As there is no single regret for locals there being aware of the established presence of marine life in the vast ocean fluttering in the waves and wind every single day.

A very good friend of hubby, Bruce.. who is a fishing guide and owner of a boat dealership, took us for a yellow snapper fishing. Along the way, he pointed out and gave us a guided tour. We saw some of the celebrity yachts, big and luxurious. Sometimes I wonder, do people who are able to spend a lot of money have more brakes on their ability to have fun or are they more self-conscious, more demanding, more careful?

We were there for like 4 hours, I was impressed how seriously they were doing it, until they felt sorry for me, I fell asleep. I felt I was drunk with the cool breeze and wild sweet air around. They brought me back to the mainland. 

One of the most prominent pieces at the place where we stayed at is the beach carpet as those 6-letter word Marriot serves as a gateway for a fantastic experience awaiting for everyone to enjoy the beach.

Right after we left Florida, they closed the beaches on account of covid, of it being heavily populated by tourists. But we didn’t have any problems that time as the place that we stayed at is not a crowded spot.

These stories I have, do live in me forever. I am sure there will be much adventure here, but ‘till next time.

Thanks for reading…


I am forever be humbled and grateful for my experiences in life, the best and even the worst, it's teaching me even more. I believe that i have the obligation to stay healthy and let the universe take care of it.

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