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Got the chance to see some of the many gems of Cebu. For a foreigner or a newbie just decided to start his or her adventure in the Philippines, you can’t miss Cebu. Named as the oldest city in the country, where the Spaniards made their significant walks which marked a great milestone in our Philippine history.

Days spent on this lovely place is truly fulfilling. A bit of intriguing adventure to the malls in the city where i saw quite a lot of foreigners, that’s how I got curios they love the malls here, the atmosphere is vibrant. The adventure also fills me with the past and the exact version of our modern world. An unexpected delight and privilege being alighted on the faces of history.

Cebu has been a part of the great events of our country. The City is already developed and progressive, but I dare you to be curious enough to see the jewels at the outskirt of the town proper, it has something special for everyone.

Cebu, named as the Queen City of the South has the best lechon. A pride to be the crown holder as a Lechon Capital of the country as they mastered the art of roasting pigs seasoned with traditional herbs and spices. I couldn’t help but mumble while mouthful expressing “da best gyud”.

We got the chance to dine in this restaurant where they serve backyard grown lechon and the best kamias shake.

The turquoise clear water of Kawasan falls, located in Badian Cebu, is so inviting… you will surely rush immediately to the water the minute you arrived. The water is so cool and refreshing. We rented a bamboo raft at the middle of the waterfalls got the experience of the natural shower massage from falling water, so priceless.

Sumilon island, it is a 24-hectare island in South Cebu. Sumilon comes from the word Sumilong which means to take refuge, where it serve as shelters for fishermen during storms.

You will find yourself situated in Tagbilaran, A City of Friendship, a small and humble place to get to Chocolate hills in Bohol. It is such a view, not so thrilling but really shows an interesting landscape and an awesome story behind.

In some ways, Cebu was exactly how I’d expected it be, best in many ways.

No doubt, there are a lot of luxuries that can really be found in our own Philippines. Every place is unique and different.

Whenever people asked about my experience from a particular place, I try to hang on to words, to mold into something that made a lot of sense to describe it on my own version. I wanted it so much more real than the question. But first and foremost, I won’t forget to include what’s usual in any place in the world which interests me, it’s the… ‘different strokes for different folks’. People really grows an incredible interest in me, all unique.

Memory of Cebu is special, it’s like… In the beginning, there was Cebu.


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I am forever be humbled and grateful for my experiences in life, the best and even the worst, it's teaching me even more. I believe that i have the obligation to stay healthy and let the universe take care of it.

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