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When masks must be worn at all times nowadays. What is not spoken in a visible full face is expressed exquisitely in the eyes. Just the way it is, surely our eyes have a voice. The powerful communicators of feelings, comfort and discomfort which helps us read others ever since.

For me, it’s hard to tell right now, there are people who can talk loosely but have the most quiet, reserved eyes. There are some who can be a lot shy and polite, but have the strongest eyes you might have seen.

Little or no eye contact is not always perceived as a sign of deception anymore but a sign of being cautious, being careful and worried. At the same time, eye contact gets more faithful and warm than words will ever be. There are words holding within them.

A new normal exists.

I have to go along. And I know I can’t be careless, that I know i cannot emphasize enough. Nobody don’t see it coming. Though there are predictions and teachings since. Enormous changes arise. Oh how I missed the good old days and ways. Those hugs of greetings, etc. I don’t want it to be totally forgotten. Really and truly, adversity is the best teacher. I cannot deny that at all. Trouble never sends a warning, really. 

That day after hearing the lock down, we sat quietly, saying a little, each of us trying pieces to say until we found ones that fit. It also caused me enough to slowly rise from the table at the dinner time that night. Lying down on the bed, eyes remained open. My eardrums buzzed against the silence but cloudy and gray. Some days seem dark no matter how sunny the day is.

But positivity is winning above all. Trying very hard to put it in my container of understanding. Spent a lot of time looking around outside. It won’t stop getting into my thoughts and have concluded that much is revealed during these darkest days.

There are a lot of questions, holding my mind and trying to be still. I am gonna carry on as long as i live, as best as i can. And in spite of the different struggles of our lives, most of us still smile and laugh hard.

In the heat of this pandemic, the urge of restlessness to be someplace else was still on me, on us. Admittedly, this mood of restlessness is present. And at the same time in the hope of thinking the pandemic will be over faster, sooner…today. Our itch brought us to this wonderful place, Gatlinburg in Tennessee.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Going from Nashville to Gatlinburg is a two-and-half hour drive. Gatlinburg is the capital city of the Smokies. More than nine million people visit the park each year, 800 square miles of parkland. It is obviously a huge diverse natural resource and you surely get no space to get bored here.

There are lots to do and see. It offers entertainment, activities, necessities of life and so much more. Blue-green mountain range topped with smoky mists is awesome.

The Skybridge

Upon arrival at the Skybridge information and ticket area, wearing a mask was required. We were greeted with a warm smile, hiding in their masks. Yes I am saying it again, that greeting and warm smile. Don’t you say it’s always the same? It’s always the same in that aspect. I can see it in their eyes.

Eye communication is very vital just like body language, the windows of our soul. Words can change when eyes meet. I found joy to observe and have a closer look the way people communicate with their eyes nowadays. Magic is happening and i’m letting the magic happen. 

But once we got situated on that cable chair, we were free, feeling the good breathing with that smell like vanilla mixed of everything in the forest is so relaxing.

The Chairlift

Taking a seat in a chairlift or cable chair as I call it, climbing gently up 518 feet is very relaxing, truly a pleasure. Landing off from the chair, we have to kick off our whole body and jump.

I am the last one one who landed off. Good that i don’t have a cup of drink in my hand, if i have, i probably already spilled it.

Then the Skywalk bridge starts. That glass walk at the middle of that bridge is not for the fainthearted. Well, it’s not hard but it scares me a bit.

For me, as much as I loved the heights, the-felt-like swaying of the bridge, the vastness of the view, I felt the presence of the sky, clouds and highness as if I am so close to His Highness. It sent chills to my body, trying to hide my so much excitement.

But seriously, it’s soothing to my spirit. It revives my mind. It’s unexplainable how this trip has offered me another fresh new start. Suddenly, there’s this little girl I could see myself through, walking funny at the middle of that glass walk bridge.

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies

Stunning aquarium, worth the cost. Clean and neat, well done, well maintained. It’s a wonderful feeling of coming face to face with thousands of appealing fishes and sea creatures and a lot more to see and learn.

Finally, after what seems like hours but is no more than 15 minutes, we were already at the deck breathing deeply. It’s nothing but awesomeness. The person that i am who grew up with an affinity for wild landscapes, this is home. Nature has always been the base of who I am.

Living here is also living in a culture within a culture. My journey is one of discovery and observation. Wherever I am, I try to participate in the culture.

Moreover, everyday now, I can’t see most of the people’s whole faces, I find myself endlessly looking into people’s eyes as they maybe look into my eyes too. Talking through the eyes is very interesting and at the same time confusing. I should know how to read signals and emotions through.

I know that the eyes are more than just pupils and iris. A form of communication, kind of like that of alphabets and math. One doesn’t learn how to cook right away, just like one doesn’t learn how to paint or how to write.

It made me thinkin’, “How have my eyes got to say?”. I have observed and found some remarkable people through eyes…

The appreciative happy eyes. Her eyes reveal excitement. Some kisses are given by the eyes showing affection.

The overwhelmed and stressed eyes.

Through her eyes you could think she is too nice and reserved, but she also gives a spunk and bite. She could read people like a book. She doesn’t wanna intrude and mess around with anybody until they mess with her.

The eyes that symbolize all that was elegance and graceful.

She got the eyes that tell as the International Women of Mystery, she is a person of few words and everyone would assume that if they’ll ask her, she will say nothing. And it challenges me, that i still wanna read right through. There is a depth of emotions from her eyes. For sure, she is saying “ The less you know about me, the better”. She wanna be invisible. 

The eyes who are hungry for someone to talk to. If she can talk to somebody she would be very grateful thinking they were sent by God. She is always full of spirit.

The eyes that you can’t seem to stare at. The always-on-the-go guy. The type of person that needs to be something happening to feel alive. An adrenaline junkie as you call it. His step is equal to my 3 steps, he walks fast and furious. I feel my jaw clench every time I see this person. The energy that he has to put somewhere and grateful that he’d been able to put this energy in something good. He can art energy at a speed of light. I wonder how he dealt with the past “total lockdown” event that just happened? When all his adrenaline pumps in everyday, then quarantine happens. He is the person who would not hold still.

A woman who got the eyes who enjoys being in charge. She is a bit overwhelming but i like her. A small woman but she stands tall, her presence is a bit superior.

She got the tired eyes.

Snobby eyes.

The eyes that don’t take things for granted.

I won’t blame anyone at all. And even if, sunshine, gray or clear blue skies… are still beautiful. Whatever the weather may be, in times of this pandemic. For as long as i can enjoy it, how can i be sad? Just like our brain is designed for survival. That fact has never lost on me.

 I am getting more rendezvoused with the sunrise and sunset, as if I am memorizing the moments. I may not be old enough, and I don’t consider myself old. But the clock could stop tickling right now, tomorrow. Still wanna bring those precious moments to whatever maybe the afterlife.

I may sometimes have felt that I am looking on from outside as an observer, not a participant which is a continuous process of learning, which more often than not can be a force for connection.

Still thankful for this journey, no matter how it ends. It is still what pulls in my soul.I shall endeavour to find the most creative endings I can find. And I am just incredibly overjoyed for the people that I’ve met and will be meeting.

Thanks for reading.


I am forever be humbled and grateful for my experiences in life, the best and even the worst, it's teaching me even more. I believe that i have the obligation to stay healthy and let the universe take care of it.

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  1. Ah! Good point about how important eye communication is! I never thought about it like that. I feel like my eyes are maybe a bit…too expressive hahah. My eyes can never NOT be expressive (and that’s not always the best thing haha)

  2. It is so true that we’re reading each others eyes more than ever due to wearing masks all of the time! I’ll be honest, before the pandemic I always felt uncomfortable making eye contact, but I’ve been forced to do it so much more when trying to make muffled communications to people through fabric masks and perspex screens! Gatlinburg looks like such a pretty place! The chairlift and the skywalk look like beautiful ways to take in the views! Thanks for the great guide!

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